Maximum Steve

Just a man...with a gorilla's courage

29 June 1979
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Oh hey. I didn't see you there. My bad. I guess you're here cos you want a mini-biography of myself that will show up on my user info page. Well, here it is.

I'm Josh. Or josh, whichever you prefer. I answer to both. I'm a very nuanced individual, with varying interests, as long as they apply to very specific criteria.
Likes: Guns, sex, money, drugs, booze, rock n' roll(not rock and roll as that is a tool of the man, gratitiously violent movies, not taking responsibility for your own actions[blame it on god!!!], optimism, capitalism, democracy, and tactical nuclear weapons.
Hates: Communists, fake motherfuckers, Wafrican Americans(only in predominately white states, like Maine), idiots, morons, stupid people, teenagers, the man, the law, John Q. Law, taxes, paying for shit, and just about anything else that pisses me off.

A simple warning: I'm like 7'800" and I weight about 9,000,000,000lbs. It's all muscle, bitch. You can try and fuck with me, but I will rip off your head, eat your soul, and then poop it out into the nearest public toilet. That's how I roll. Then I'll probably go have sex with your significan other, be they male or female(if they're male, it's all out of degredation, cos I'm not gay). So go for it. Fuck with me. I own...I own a bomb. And...and a plane and shit. I will kill you.

Remember kids...peace.
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